Bill Drake Is On The Air at 105.7 FM and 910 AM

Bill’s current broadcast schedule is Sunday through Friday from 6 AM to 9 AM, during which his format consists primarily of interviews with community leaders and people involved in making Spartanburg and the Upstate a better place to live and work.

Bill also interviews many of his sponsors about their businesses, gives the news, sports and weather, and talks about what’s going on in Spartanburg in his own inimitable style.  He also wishes many local people and national celebrities a Happy Birthday on their special days, and when the birthday celebrants are recording artists, Bill will often play one or more of their recordings, if they fit his format!   Listeners look to him for the information they need, from what schools & businesses are closing in inclement weather to what his interesting guests are having to say. Regular guests include city and county officials, local legislators, doctors, educators, accountants, authors, policemen, veterinarians, pastors and much more. Without doubt, Bill has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the Spartanburg community.

He calls it Relationship Radio, “weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice”.  Moreover, during the hours when Bill is not on, his new station features a musical format called “Timeless Hits”, consisting of a wide variety of easy-listening hit music from the 40s through today that is much more palatable to Bill’s listeners than the previous stations he was on!  Despite the change of frequencies, Bill will continue to physically broadcast from his studio at 6665 Pottery Road in Spartanburg, where he has been since 1998.

Banner Photo credit: Doug Gregory – On Flickr: dougeryusa